How to Participate

Step One: Come to a meeting!

Involvement in the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council is fun and easy.  If you live, learn, work, play, pray, or shop in Eagle Rock — or just want to see how your local government works — we invite you to participate by simply showing up at the meetings and voicing your opinion, volunteering on a committee, or by joining our governing board.

It’s important for us to hear from local residents.  Your concerns are our concerns.  We are your voice to city government.  If you want to speak to an issue we are working on, you can come at the beginning of the meeting, fill out a Speaker Card and turn it in to any board member.  When that particular item on the agenda is discussed, anyone who filled out a card will be given 2 minutes to ask a question or make a comment.

If you want to be more involved, we encourage you to serve on a committee.  Committees are also an integral part of the decision-making process.  A committee may report on an issue and/or advise the board on items we need to take action on.

To join the Governing Board of the ERNC, you must be elected or appointed.  Elections are every 2 years.  If there is more than one candidate for one position, the candidate with the most votes wins the election.  If a board member is unable to fulfill his or her 2-year commitment, then the board will appoint someone in the interim.  Please note, there are certain rules and exceptions to serving on the board that can be read in detail in our “Bylaws Section”.