ERNC Candidate Filing ENDS MARCH 19

Note the new filing deadline — you’ve got an extra week to sign up!

Less than 18 months since the last election, almost every seat on the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council board will be up for election on April 26, and the period to file for candidacy for those seats runs through Wednesday, March 19. Candidate filing can be done online or by mail/fax; you can go directly to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment filing page by clicking here, or by clicking the blue “2014 Elections” button in the sidebar of this page.

Why should you run for the ERNC? Take a look around you: Our safer neighborhoods, human-friendly street improvements, high-quality public schools, new unique shops and restaurants, and diverse, small-town-in the-big-city feel have all been improved and protected by your ERNC, by working closely with our local Council District office, and the hard-working non-profit groups that Eagle Rock is blessed with.


Image of ER City Hall courtesy of "Big Orange Landmarks," click through to read all about it!But What Does the ERNC Really Do?If you’re wondering what the big deal is with the ERNC, and why anyone would want to be on the board, consider these recent developments and improvements in Eagle Rock since the “new” ERNC was elected in October of 2012:- A safer, saner Colorado Boulevard: We worked hard to make sure everyone’s voice was heard when it came to improvements on Colorado, like the new bike lanes and  lighted crosswalks. And we made sure the powers-that-be at the City heard the truth — which was that the vast majority of Eagle Rockers wanted safer streets, calmer traffic, and above all, progress. Colorado is not safe, by any means — but it’s safer, and that’s a start. Through cooperation and communication with Council District 14, we made sure that complimentary street improvements like those flashing crosswalk lights showed up as soon as humanly possible — while CD14 got them for us before anyone else in the entire city of Los Angeles. Now that’s synergy.- Street trees: ERNC members wore out their shoes walking all over Eagle Rock’s main streets, for hours and hours, plotting over 500 locations for new street trees. We may not get all 500 — it will take a ton of money to water those trees for the first couple of years — but we’ll get as many as we can for you.- New garbage cans: Soon you’ll see new plastic garbage cans around town, to replace the rusty, crushed white wire ones that litter our streets. We cut a deal with the City of LA that not only got us the cans at a good price, but got us new locations in the bargain — which is pretty much unheard of. What does that mean for you? Less trash on the street, and a nicer place to live.- The promised new Vons improvements: As part of their re-construction, Vons has promised us a “Welcome to Eagle Rock” monument modeled on the current Wiota monument; new and better street-side landscaping;  and an improved, higher-quality Vons facade and store interior similar to “higher-end” neighborhoods. All of these ideas were suggested by, and lobbied for, by your ERNC representatives.- Bike racks throughout Eagle Rock: Have you noticed that a whole bunch of shiny new bike racks magically appeared in front of your favorite stores and restaurants, seemingly overnight? It wasn’t magic. The ERNC did that. We walked the boulevards, spoke to business owners, and pushed the project through city bureaucracy, with the help of our friends at Council District 14.- Minimalls, Massage Parlors, and outsized hillside developments: Eagle Rockers don’t seem to like them. The ERNC has made sure to let you know when new developments were coming, and what you can do to voice your opinion on them — and then we’ve made sure the City listens to you. For years, developers have seen Eagle Rock as a sleepy bedroom community where no one pays much attention, and they can sneak in undesirable – yet profitable – businesses that appeal to residents of neighboring cities that have regulated them away from their “nicer” neighborhoods. We’d like to change that perception, and put both developers and the L.A. Department of City Planning on notice that Eagle Rock is paying attention – and that we like nice things, too.- We throw money around. We bought a new PA system for Dahlia Heights school, and new landscaping for their Colorado Boulevard border. We pitched in to help buy Eagle Rock Elementary a new library, and new landscaping for their auditorium. We paid for all that nice new landscaping outside the Eagle Rock public library. Those Concerts in the Park at Eagle Rock Rec? We paid for one of those. How about the Eagle Rock Music Festival? We tend to put our biggest chunk of change into that, every year. We gave Take Back the Boulevard a large part of their operating budget, and the Collaborative Eagle Rock Beautiful money to replace the succulent pots on Eagle Rock Boulevard.And there’s more to come: Dog parks, street banners, and a renewed focus on the Colorado Boulevard Specific Plan, which influences so much of what goes on commercially in Eagle Rock. And if you’ve got an idea for improving Eagle Rock that you want us to work on, bring it to us — or make it your signature issue when you run for the board.

But I Like Massage Parlors. And I Hate Trees!

Then all the more reason to join the ERNC. We love having a diverse, convivial group like we’ve got on the ERNC right now. Not everyone agrees on everything – not by a long shot. But we all have the same goal in mind: To make Eagle Rock better. If that’s your thing, too, then you should join us.

Remember, you can always get the latest election news on our website, If you’ve got any election-related questions, just send us an email:

Q. Do You Have Any Suggestions for People Interested in Running for the ERNC?

A. Why, yes we do!  We strongly advise that you come to an ERNC meeting if you’ve never been to one (or haven’t been in a while), to see what you’re getting into. This isn’t the kind of role — or at least, it shouldn’t be — where you just show up once a month, and sit for 2-3 hours. (Though you’ll be doing plenty of that.) The ERNC works best when it’s staffed with do-ers: If you are elected to the ERNC, you will be asked to work — for free — for the betterment of Eagle Rock. You’ll be able to define exactly what that means, but the more time you put into it, the more Eagle Rock will benefit.

So come to a meeting to hear about what kinds of things were working on, and to see what our meetings look like. Stick around til the end, and ask us questions. Or fill out a speaker card, and introduce yourself during Public Comment.

Here’s a schedule of our upcoming public meetings:

- Land Use Committee meeting, 7:00pm, Feb. 20, Eagle Rock City Hall, 2035 Colorado Blvd.

- Executive Committee Meeting, 8:00pm, Feb. 25, Coffee Table Restaurant, 1958 Colorado. (This is smaller and less formal than the other meetings.)

- ERNC Board Meeting, 7:00pm, March 4, Eagle Rock City Hall, 2035 Colorado Blvd.
Remember, you can always get the latest election news on our website, If you’ve got any election-related questions, just send us an email:

The winner – by a mile – in our Eastsider trash-can design “contest” was the design above, which is taken from a 1913 edition of the Eagle Rock Sentinel newspaper, back in the day when Eagle Rock was an independent city. Big thanks to Eric Warren of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society for providing the source image (and everything else the ERVHS does).


ERNC Board Meets Tuesday, February 4 at 7pm

The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Board meets this Tuesday, February 4 at 7:00pm at Eagle Rock City Hall,  2035 Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock. All Eagle Rockers are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Meeting notices and the proposed agenda are posted 72 hours in advance online at ERNC.LA, at City Hall and several other sites around Eagle Rock.

View the meeting agenda at this link. You can click through the links on the agenda to view/download all the supplementary materials that the ERNC will use to make decisions at the meeting. One paper copy of this agenda packet will be posted for public viewing at the meeting, so if you want your own copy to refer to, please print at home and bring with you.

The public may make general comments at the beginning of each meeting, and speak on individual agenda items as they are discussed, by filling out a Speaker Card at the beginning of the meeting.Public comments are limited to 2 minutes each. See the agenda for details.

If you want to suggest an agenda item for next month’s meeting, please email the current Secretary (Michael Blanchard) at least 2 days before the Executive Committee meeting, where we set the agenda. (You can also contact your sub-district director, and he or she will get it to the right person.)

If you’re seeking funding for your local non-profit organization or project, please submit this DONE Funding Application Form. Once it’s submitted and found to be complete, we’ll set your funding request on the agenda for the next board meeting.

(The ERNC board usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month, but sometimes holidays and such get in the way. If you’re planning on going to a meeting, please confirm details for the date in the calendar section.)

A backlog of public meeting documents is available in our Google Apps document folder.

Elections and Executive Committee Meetings

The ERNC Elections committee will meet Monday night, Jan 27, at 8:00 pm at the Coffee Table restaurant. We will discuss procedures and plans for the upcoming Neighborhood Council Elections in April, 2014.

The ERNC Executive committee will meet Tuesday night, Jan. 28, also at 8:00 pm at the Coffee Table. We will review all agenda item requests and set the agenda for the upcoming ERNC General Board Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, February 4.

All board members, committee members, and members of the general public are welcome to attend any and all public meetings.

View the agenda here.

A backlog of public meeting documents is available in our Google Drive folder.