ERNC Executive Committee meets on July 29

The ERNC Executive Committee meets on Tuesday July 29. The public is welcome to attend. Click here for the meeting agenda.

If you have a suggestion for an agenda item for the next ERNC General Board Meeting, this is the meeting to come to. If you can’t make it, then email us at at least 24 hrs. before Tuesday’s meeting.

Tuesday, July 29 – 8pm
The Coffee Table (on the back patio)
1958 Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90041


Land Use Committee Meets Thursday, July 17

The next meeting of the Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) of the ERNC is Thursday evening, July 17, 2014, at 7:00pm at Eagle Rock City Hall, 2035 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041. All interested Eagle Rockers are encouraged to attend!

Click this link to read and download the meeting agenda. More links will be added to the agenda as information and documents become available.

If you have any questions about agenda items or Land Use in general, please email us at:



Scholl Canyon Landfill – What’s the Deal?

Scholl Canyon Landfill Expansion – What Do I Need to Know?

At our upcoming August 5 meeting, the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council will vote to send a letter in response to the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that was recently published about the potential expansion of the Scholl Canyon Landfill in Glendale.

But before we do, we’d like to hear from you.

Read on for details, and please check out the “important dates” section below.

What is This “EIR” You Speak Of?

The draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is the result of a years-long study by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, of the potential impacts of expanding the Scholl Canyon landfill. The EIR presents the pros and cons of several expansion scenarios, and also includes the option of not expanding the landfill at all. (In all of the scenarios, the landfill will eventually close for good; it’s just a matter of when.)

In a hurry? Click this link for a one-page summary of the EIR and contact info. (PDF)

Got some time? Here’s a direct link to the Executive Summary (PDF), which gives a broader overview of the options.

Want to do it right? Click this link to read the entire EIR on the City of Glendale’s website.

Note: the City of Glendale site in in blog format; scroll halfway down the page to find the entry for the EIR, which contains direct links to all the sections.

If you care about this issue, you really should explore the whole EIR, since it contains photos of the potential visual impact on Eagle Rock, as well as discusses the “no-build” option.

But Isn’t Scholl Canyon in Glendale?
Why Should I Care?

The landfill may be in Glendale, but access is through Eagle Rock — specifically, the 134 West offramp by the Eagle Rock Recreation Center, and the stub of north Figueroa that becomes Scholl Canyon Road, are the heavily-used “front door” to the dump. Trucks rumble through here all day, every day, carrying refuse to the dump — which is not open to City of L.A. residents.

(The back door to the dump, if there were one, would be the lovely Glendale neighborhood of Glenoaks Canyon. No garbage trucks go through here, nor will they ever.)

The EIR lists all the health and environmental effects of extending the dump’s life by a decade or more. These are cumulative, since daily use of the landfill would remain the same. An immediate effect of expansion, however, would be aesthetic: a section of the ridge behind the 134 Freeway, and the visual backdrop of our main drag of Colorado Boulevard, is the back side of the dump. This is the area that would be expanded, and the visual impacts of increased vehicular traffic and night-time lighting on Eagle Rock are some of the issues discussed in the EIR.


Important Dates


If you go to only one meeting, this should be it: On Thursday, July 31, at 6:30pm, there will be an important public informational meeting at the Eagle Rock Rec Center, 1100 Eagle Vista Drive, hosted by Councilmember Huizar. Personnel from the City of Glendale will be there to answer your questions.

This is an informational meeting only; if you have an opinion or comment, you still need send it through the proper channels (see below). For more information about the meeting, call Councilmember Huizar’s office at (323) 254-5295 or email


At this meeting, the ERNC will vote to send an official response, on behalf of Eagle Rock, to the EIR. We’ll recap the July 31 meeting for those who couldn’t attend, and listen to your comments.


Earlier in the summer, both Councilmember Huizar and the ERNC sent letters asking that the comment period for the EIR be lengthened, so that Eagle Rock could weigh in on the EIR. The City of Glendale and the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts agreed to extend the deadline, twice; the new deadline for comments is August 29. Note that the deadline listed on the City of Glendale site is still July 31; however, comments will be accepted until August 29.


Where Do I Send My Comments?

All comments must be in writing.

You can snail-mail comments to:

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Attention: Ms. Debra Bogdanoff
1955 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, CA 90601

You can email comments to: